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Credit: Press

Nap Eyes share the gorgeous 'So Tired' ahead of their new album

‘So Tired’ may be one of our favourite songs of the year and it comes from one of our favourite artists, Nap Eyes. The band returns later this year with a brand new album but for now have released its second single and our Track of the Day, ‘So Tired’.

Nap Eyes will release their new album Snapshot of a Beginner on March 27th and judging by this latest release it can’t come soon enough as the group provides a sumptuous sample of what’s to come.

The song is a continuation of their evolution as Nap Eyes keep finding new strings to add to their bow. Or should we say keys? The new additions of pianos and organs have given the releases, including the LP’s first cut ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ an elevated feel. Like many of the songs on Snapshot of a Beginner, ‘So Tired’ was written in an improvised recording session.

Frontman Nigel Chapman, who addresses himself in the second person at the beginning of the song, explains the track further: “The ‘So Tired’ refrain marks a slight shift in perspective and its meaning is twofold. For one, I get frustrated sometimes by what the world seems to require for success at a given task (for example, polished songwriting, coherent and understandable communication), so part of this is just me venting on this subject. Sometimes I would rather flow with free writing than try to box songs into rehearsed, many-times-repeated containers.

“Second, at times I find myself wishing people would not hold so many preconceptions about the things in this world a given person might try to communicate. Most of us, myself included, usually assume we already know a lot – even about things we’ve spent very little time thinking about – and because of this attitude, people are often predisposed to misunderstand new ideas, even when they’re communicated in straightforward and coherent ways. But there’s no doubt, an idea won’t ever get through until there’s someone around to listen to it.”

Listen below to one of the best singles of the year so far and follow along with the improvised lyrics.