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Credit: Youtube


Nandi Bushell responds to Dave Grohl's challenge with epic Them Crooked Vultures cover


There aren’t many 10-year-old girls who can match up to the percussion power of Dave Grohl. But then again, not many 10-year-old girls are drum prodigy Nandi Bushell.

In her most recent video, the budding musician responds to the challenge the Foo Fighters man laid down for her. Bushell has made a name for herself by delivering some of the most impassioned drum covers we’ve heard in a long time and recently delivered a rollicking version of Foo Fighters’ ‘Everlong’, which provoked Grohl’s interest.

In the response, Grohl challenged Bushell to cover Them Crooked Vultures song ‘Dead End Friends’, a track he composed alongside Josh Homme and John Paul Jones.

Dressed just like Dave Grohl, Bushell delivered a stunning rendition of the track but it seems that it wouldn’t be the final blow in the fight.

Foo Fighters shared the performance on their Instagram account with the caption reading: “Ok, Nandi… you win round one… but it ain’t over yet! Buckle up, cuz I have something special in mind… Stay tuned, Dave.”

Watch the cover below and see Nandi Bushell belting out ‘Dead End Friends’.