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(Credit: Press)


Nadine Shah takes a swipe at the ‘Yes Men’


Nadine Shah has released her latest song to be taken from her third album, out in August, Holiday Destination. It’s an album which clearly sees Shah in defiant mood as with recent releases, especially the immigrant themed ‘Out The Way’ showing her political teeth. It seems they have no chance of being blunted yet, as her new song ‘Yes men’ is another political punch to the jaw.

There’s plenty to say about the track, but as ever, it is better to hear it from the artists herself…

“Any time is a relevant one to release a piece of work that deals with the subject matter that ‘Yes Men’ does, but this week, these upcoming days towards what could be the most important election this country has had in decades it seems so pertinent to the point that it’s violently vibrating with its own life”.

“Yes Men are the people that sell the lies and convince us that their enemy is our enemy, they’re the people who hide in plain sight behind bold typefaces on the covers of mainstream media outlets, the ones that would make us believe that the hand in power which is perpetually slapping you in the face is the hand that will someday pull us from a chasm of its own creation”.

“There is a war going on but it’s not the one the Yes Men will have us believe. The real war is the divisive untruths that the Yes Men push into our homes with their aim being for us to tear ourselves apart simply to protect their own top dollar arses.”