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Nadine Shah gives album preview with ‘Out The Way’


The third record from Shah the brilliantly titled Holiday Destination has been given the preview with the first release ‘Out The Way’. The album follows LP 2 Fast Food which was released in 2015. The new one sees Shah take on the social issues we all face today.

Post-punk power permeates the new track, taking on key themes of heritage and identity, as well as looking at the growing nationalism in our country. Something the British-Muslim faces every day, on the new album and track she spoke eloquently.

“So on this one trip to the States, I’m taken to the other side of the airport in this room where everyone in the room has brown skin – and they’re all looking at me like ‘what the fuck are you doing here?!’ I just made this joke, I just said – ‘oh, I’m Pakistani.’ And then everyone started to laugh. But it’s just like – that’s totally about a rise in nationalism that I’m seeing. It’s completely terrifying. Even on Twitter I’ve had people telling me ‘oh, go back to where you’ve come from’ – and I’m like what? South Shields? It’s a proper identity crisis for me. I’m a second-generation immigrant – I was born in England, I’m very English – proper fucking English, mate! – but I’m also culturally Muslim.”

“I saw this really shocking news piece, it was about migrants and refugees turning up on the shores of Kos in Greece by the thousands. There were some holidaymakers being interviewed and they were talking about how ‘they’re really ruining our holiday’. The fact that they had no shame in saying that whilst being interviewed, on national television… it really shocked me. This is what I am seeing across the globe: people unashamedly saying these awful things. It’s like, wow – people really don’t care and they’ll happily talk about how they don’t care. That’s why it’s called Holiday Destination.”

Shah will fight ther good fight and with good music too.