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Mystery Jets announce new album


Finally a reason to love Tuesday. The Mystery Jets have just announced their newest LP, their first in over three years, and have teased us all with a dynamic trailer to go alongside it. The album will be called Curve Of The Earth and will be released on January 22nd by Caroline International.

Self-produced the band got back to their old ways with a defiant gang mentality, an ideal which had served them so well in the past. The record follows this suit and is easily their most personal.

Will Rees “For us we’ve been through quite a lot in the last couple of years and there have been certain realistions that come with playing in a band  that has been together for over two decades, I think these songs have real feeling about them”

With a slightly new line-up the introduction of Jack Flanagan on bass, we are all a bit excited for the new record, let’s hope it is a return to a winning formula for the band.


Bombay Blue
Midnight’s Mirrior
Blood Red Balloon
Taken by The Tide
The End Up