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(Credit: Mysie)


Mysie releases new single 'Seven Nights'

Mysie - 'Seven Nights'

South London indie soul extraordinaire Mysie has released her latest single, ‘Seven Nights’, the latest preview of her upcoming EP Undertones.

Buzzing with a guitar-centered arrangement and overflowing with anxious energy and excitement, the song celebrates all those seemingly foolish moments that come from embracing a new relationship, the kind that no one else can quite see or agree with: “I don’t care if they say/It’s lunacy/I may be foolish/But at least I’m free”.

“Seven Nights is about the excitement of fast love,” Mysie explains in a press release. “It’s about doing something out of the ordinary, booking that plane ticket and chasing a love that you want but have no clue as to where it will end up. It’s about staying in the moment and enjoying every little part of that love, no matter what the outcome may be.”

The Ivor Novello-winning artist continues the hot streak she’s been on as of late. ‘Keeping Up With Your Heart’ and ‘In My Mind’ were previous tastes of what was to come in Undertones, and ‘Seven Nights’ only solidifies that the new release is going to be another celebratory worthy effort.

Mysie has had plenty to celebrate over the past two years. Her debut EP, 2019’s Chapter 11, was met with widespread acclaim, and the aforementioned Ivor Novello Award for Rising Star followed in 2020. Since then, it’s been all hard work and strong payoff. 2020 say the release of the indelible singles ‘Patterns’, ‘Bones’, and ‘Gift’, killer entries in a discography that’s already shaping up to be one of the most formidable of any new artist. The anticipation for Undertones is high, but if ‘Seven Nights’ is any indication, the EP is going to be another musically expansive and blissfully enchanting work from Mysie.

Check out the video for ‘Seven Nights’ down below. The Undertones EP is set for a May 21 release date.