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Myles Manley: The Playlist


We spoke with the rather enigmatic Myles Manley about some of his musical choices to best fit our somewhat ridiculous questions. Myles channels a sound which can best be described as bedroom-power-pop (well, that’s what we think anyway). With influences ranging from Ariel Pink to Eric B and Rakim we expected an eclectic mix and we were not disappointed.

Manley shares his new single ‘Relax; Enjoy Your Night Upon The Town’ as well, which we think should be the answer to one of the below slots, we’ll let you figure out which one.

The song that gets you up in the morning? 

Fuel America by St. Lenox . I recently have been listening to St. Lenox’s amazing album Ten Hymns From My American Gothic a lot in the morn! So boisterous and tuneful! 

The song that soundtracked your childhood? 

Missing by Everything but the Girl (OG version). Was obsessed with this song and it’s world of sadness from 6-7, West Kirby.

The song which made you wanna play music? 

“Eric B and Rakim – Paid In Full. I only heard this about a year ago or so but I don’t think I REALLY wanted to play music before that”

The song you most recently loved?   

“I am the Fly by Wire. My wife is from DC and we were driving around there yelling along to this recently, feels good.” 

A song to make you fall in love? 

“Moondog – Anything. Get that brain ready for overwhelming love!”

Guilty Pleasure song? 

“Five – ‘Keep on Moving’.  I know it’s not much but its ok, keep on moving anyway, I was considering this as my funeral song –a parting shot to my enemies.”

How about two songs which make grey clouds go away? 

“Jinx Lennon – Forgive the Cnts. his job is to rewire brains.”

“The Clash – Police On My Back. Jumpy jumpy.”

One track to bring them back? 

“Lucinda Williams – Blue is the Colour of Night. Shaman.”

Song to get the party started? 

“Micachu & The Shapes w/ London Sinfionetta – ‘Everything’. Ideally drive out all but the strongest.”

The 1am banger? 

“James Holden – ‘Idiot’. Ideally you’re in a hermitage by this point of the evening.”

And, of course, the 3am meltdown?

“Trumpets of Jericho – nothing to get up for. the best band, was it real life!!?”

To end this little interview, how about the the song you’d want played at your funeral?