(Credit: Mykki Blanco)


Mykki Blanco collaborates with Devendra Banhart on new song 'You Will Find It'


Mykki Blanco, the rapper, performance artist and poet, has teamed up with Devendra Barnhart on new song ‘You Will Find It’.

 “It felt right to release this song now,” Mykki Blanco said in a statement. “I could honestly say a lot about this song—I mean Devendra not only sings on the record, but he plays. He’s not just a feature, he is now in the blood of the song, he’s a part of the composition. It felt right to release this song now, I felt like I had this capsule of really good energy and I needed to release it now and not wait but let the vibe be felt now in this really anxious moment—so it can feel like a light-hearted mini mediation amidst all the current noise.

“I wanted to make a song with one of my heroes just like a few years ago when I made a song with Kathleen Hanna. I had met him a few times now playing the same festivals in Europe and he was just open and it felt like a full circle moment.

Barnhart, who released his own statement on the song, said: “We are intimately intertwined with each other, intimately intertwined with the earth and if this lockdown doesn’t emphatically verify that I don’t know what does.”

He continued: “I’m writing about Mykki and this song and also I want to tell you that I honestly didn’t know how much I needed you till this all began… self-love, self-discovery and self-knowledge run through Mykki’s flow, this is THE time to explore those three gems. Thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful world dearest M, I love you.”

Stream the song, Far Out’s Track of the Day, below.