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(Credit: Mychelle)


Mychelle shares new song 'Closure'


Singer-songwriters with fantastic voices and highly concentrated coffee shop vibes aren’t all that hard to come by. Those who actually have the talent and uniqueness to stand out are, however, a little more elusive. Mychelle Scott, the Hackney-based artist who stepped out with the delightfully downbeat ‘The Way’ last month, has gifted us with another blissfully mellow tune, ‘Closure’.

“I wrote ‘Closure’ at home last June, during lockdown,” says Mychelle. “I was at home, in my own space, able to be completely vulnerable. I started off with the line ‘Why do I get closer when I need some closure?’ but I wasn’t sure about it. I thought maybe it’s a bit cheesy so I sent it to a friend to see what they thought. When I was voice-noting the song I got really shy and ended up holding on to the record button, debating whether I should send it. My friend told me to include the voice note in the song and that’s what you hear at the end. Writing the song it actually made me realise how complicated seeking closure actually is.”

Speaking of complicated, the mix of jazzy 7th chords and vocal lines that bring out unexpected non-chord tones are fantastically weird to hear in stark acoustic numbers like this one. If you’ve ever wondered why ‘Wonderwall’ is so easy to shout-sing in a crowded bar while ‘Put Your Records On’ is a deceptively tricky karaoke tune, it’s because the harmonic structure has a lot to do with that. ‘Closure’ isn’t an overtly convoluted tune, but it has enough of those strange and unexpected melodic turns that it stays fresh even after multiple listens.

‘Closure’ is supposed to be the title track to Mychelle’s upcoming album of the same name, which is set to drop on May 7th.

Check out the live video for ‘Closure’ down, below.