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How Elton John made Dave Grohl feel starstruck


Dave Grohl has been in the belly of the music industry since he joined Nirvana, and Nevermind made them the world’s hottest group. One would think he’d manage to numb his nerves when surrounded by illustrious musicians, but Elton John still managed to “blow him away” when they first met.

When the chance meeting happened, Foo Fighters had established themselves as stadium-filling juggernauts, and Grohl had become the archetypal rockstar. Despite every achievement he’s recorded in his career, Grohl is still a music geek, and he can’t help but get butterflies in his stomach when he meets someone he greatly admires.

What made his encounter with the flamboyant singer even more special is Elton John was the one who orchestrated it after recognising Grohl on the street.

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Grohl recalled the moment which left him “blown away” during a conversation with Radio X presenter Chris Moyles. He remembered: “One day when I was in London I was with my wife and this friend, another musician named Dave Koz, and we were in kind of a posh neighbourhood and I was pushing my daughter in, like, a stroller, a pram, right? And, we’re going down this street.

“There’s all these shops and stuff. Elton John steps out right in front of us… Steps out of, like, some sort of boutique and walks right in front of us into a car waiting for him.”

His friend was the one who first spotted Elton, but Grohl knows what it’s like to be on the receiving end of being harassed in the street, and he didn’t want his first exchange with the ‘Rocket Man’ to be in those unfortunate circumstances.

Grohl continued: “I’m not gonna go tap on a window, the guy’s having, like, a nice day. I’m not gonna bother him, and so we stand there thinking, wow, that was Elton John. The car pulls away, stops about 30 metres up the road, door opens up, Elton John runs out of the car back to us and says, ‘Hello Dave, I’m Elton John.'”

For a moment, the Foo Fighters frontman was lost for words, but somehow he managed to compose himself enough to have a coherent conversation with Elton and introduce him to his family.

“He, like, kissed my daughter. He said hello to my friend Dave Koz,” Grohl added. “But the thing that I noticed that was amazing was that his emerald earrings – no maybe they were Sapphire – earrings matched his shoes. I was absolutely blown away!”

Even when Elton John is off-duty, he’s still dressed to the nines, and in full superstar mode. If Grohl caught the singer wearing civilian clothing, it would have been slightly disappointing, but thankfully the singer lived up to his image and an utter gentleman to boot.