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Musician Inga Mauer assaulted by security and then arrested during Flow Festival


Russian DJ Inga Mauer was assaulted by security and then arrested by police following her set at Finland’s Flow Festival in Helsinki on Saturday.

According to fellow performing artist Marie Davidson, she found Mauer being “violently dragged” out of the festival because she refused to leave right away, Resident Advisor reports.

Witnessing the struggle, law enforcement arrived and decided to side with the security and this arrested Mauer and forced her to spend a night in the police station.

Since the story was confirmed by Mauer’s booking agent, Flow Festival issued an official statement to apologise to the producer/ DJ for the treatment she received: “Flow Festival does not approve the use of violence and we were shocked and very sad to hear this. We are truly sorry for what Inga Mauer and Marie Davidson had to go through,” the statement read.

“As festival organisers, we take responsibility of this incident and will make sure everything will be investigated and taken care of properly. Serious discussions are underway with our lawyers and the subcontractor Local Crew Oy that was responsible for Flow Festival’s 2017 security. Compensation for the victims must follow and something similar can never ever happen again. The security company has been a trusted subcontractor for many years but now they have failed to do their job in the right manner.”