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(Credit: Ryan Arnst)


Music Venue Trust launches #GoLocal campaign

The Music Venue Trust (MVT) have officially launched their #GoLocal campaign aimed to encourage people to attend gigs and concerts at their local venues to promote the safety of attendees by limiting “mass transport and large crowds of people” while also increasing support for smaller grassroots venues.

Earlier today (January 10th) Mark Dayvd, the CEO of MVT announced: “From day one of this crisis we have liaised directly with government and medical experts and have been at the heart of the discussions around how to stage responsible live music events and reopen every venue safely. It is clear to us, given the current data available to us, that the safest way to enjoy live music at present is to do so at a local level.”

He continued: “We see this difficult and uncertain period as an opportunity to put the focus firmly back on local music venues and to encourage people to investigate the many amazing opportunities to safely experience live music within their own communities.”

The MVT was established in 2014 with a vision set to guard the smaller music venues across the UK. With unrelenting lobbying, the MVT has been extremely effective in making much-needed changes to the decaying live music industry.

Since 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought fresh challenges to the industry; under the #SaveOurVenues campaign, MVT has looked to aid smaller acts and venues by raising millions of pounds to save venues and gig slots for bands during the strangulation of various lockdown periods. 

This latest campaign is hoped to allow the safe reintroduction of the population to gigs as we find our footing and begin to feel safe outside our homes. 

The government have recently been discussing plans to scrap lateral flow testing (LFT). With this, the MVT has also urged the importance of LFTs, encouraging people to continue to test before attending gigs and demanding the extension of free and easy access to LFTs to ensure safety moving forward.