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(Credit: Mumble Tide)


Mumble Tide release new single 'Breakfast'

Mumble Tide - 'Breakfast'

Bristol-based bedroom pop duo Mumble Tide have released a new single in the form of the song ‘Breakfast’.

Bubbling to life with some laid-back guitar strums, the couple of Gina Leonard and Ryan Rogers harmonise together in a way that doesn’t come off as professional singers, but rather two individuals who know each other so well that they can’t but be in sync. The track is slightly ragged, in a charming way, like it’s about to fall apart at the seams at any point.

What keeps everything together is the chorus. As the disparate instruments finally coalesce together in a lush, beautifully layered arrangement. Just as you get comfortable, a fuzzy and brief guitar solo jolts you back into that unsettled state as the verses start back up with the line “everyone’s an arsehole when things get hard.” Well said.

“We’ve experienced a lot of disharmony in the past few years and at times, I’ve been pretty upset by how people have treated each other,” Leonard explains in a press release. “I don’t deal well with conflict and this song is about accepting that you aren’t always going to see eye to eye with people and that it’s ok to be on different pages sometimes, like it doesn’t make you a bad person.” 

‘Breakfast’ seems to embody that reconciliation of conflicting and contrasting ideas that surely pop up in the band dynamic from time to time. Obviously any band is a delicate proposition, but one that is based of the core member’s status as a romantic item can be tricky to navigate. But I’m not here to speculate on Leonard and Roger’s future, inside or outside the band. I’m here to listen to ‘Breakfast’, and I quite enjoyed ‘Breakfast’.

It’s a song that is able to transcend some of the more rote routes travelled by most musicians in the bedroom pop genre. ‘Breakfast’ shows off a band with unique assets and a singular voice. Hopefully, the rest of their material contains the same elements.

Check out the video for ‘Breakfast’ down below.