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(Credit: Wikimedia)


Mr Bungle share first recorded song since 1999: "F**k the USA"

Mr Bungle, the experimental rock band born out of California, have released their first recorded song since 1999.

The band, who formed in 1985, gained a cult following despite only releasing three studio albums and became famed for their unique approach to rock music. Combining elements of metal, jazz, ska and funk, Mr Bungle managed to successfully incorporate numerous different elements of musical origins within their unique sound.

Having gone through numerous member changes throughout their years in existence, Mr Bungle’s current lineup consists of Trevor Dunn, Mike Patton and Trey Spruance with Scott Ian and Dave Lombardo.

Their new song, entitled ‘USA’, arrives at a time when the United States is in a state of crisis with intense protests filling the streets on a daily basis in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

While the song arrives as the band’s first since 2009, Mr Bungle did announce a comeback earlier this year when they performed live for the first time in 20 years with shows in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.

“Doesn’t matter what part of the political spectrum you are on, everyone at some point has said ‘F**k the USA.’ The closest thing we have to a universal sentiment,” the band in a statement.

Stream the song, below.