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(Credit: Arya Haliba)


Moses Sumney and Little Dragon share 'The Other Lover'

Moses Sumney and Little Dragon - 'The Other Lover'

Moses Sumney has teamed up with Little Dragon on the brand new track, ‘The Other Lover’, and the result is irresistible.

The collaboration rounds off a successful year for both artists. Sumney shared a wondrous double album in 2020, the first part of græ arrived in February and the second half of the record came three months later. Meanwhile, Swedish stalwarts Little Dragon shared their sixth-studio album, New Me, Same Us, in March through Ninja Tune.

Little Dragon knows a thing or two about the art of collaboration, having worked with plenty of artists in the past, most recently with Kali Uchis on ‘Are You Feeling Sad?’ and the newly formed alliance with Sumney hits the spot. The contrasting vocals of Sumney and Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano complement each other impressively which help give the track alluring chemistry.

“When we reached out to Moses we didn’t know what to expect,” Little Dragon said in a statement. “What we received was very stripped down, with his beautiful voice. We jammed along and sent it back. It bounced back from his end with added horns and sounded beautiful to our ears. We are very proud of this.”

“I’ve been listening to Little Dragon for a very long time; as a teen, their first album impressed upon me just how infinite modern soul music can be,” Sumney added.

He then continued: “When they asked me to collaborate I was so honoured and surprised (‘shook,’ as the kids say), that it took me a while to come around. They worked with me, egoless, to craft a new vision for their song. I’m proud of what we came up with.”

Check out the collaboration, below.