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(Credit: Charlie Llewellin)

Morrissey’s manager shares statement about anti-racism protest at Manchester gig


Morrissey’s manager Peter Katsis has been forced to issue an official statement in regards to the planned anti-racism protest at the singer’s Manchester concert.

Far Out Magazine reported the news that ‘One Nation Under a Groove’ have arranged a protest party to be hosted close to Morrissey’s Manchester gig. The event, which is organised DJ and writer Dave Haslam, is “in response to Morrissey’s divisive views, and his support for the far-right” and has asked all people attending to expect “solidarity, love, unity, positivity, reggae, funk, soul, and disco.”

Putting on a host of musical guests, the free event will ask for donations which will be passed on to the Love Music Hate Racism organisation.

Morrissey, somewhat controversially, has taken to voicing his political opinions more prominently in recent years. At one stage, Morrissey seemingly suggested that Hitler was left-wing before hitting out London mayor Sadiq Kahn by saying he “cannot talk properly” in an explosive interview. To follow, the 58-year-old seemingly offered his support to the controversial right-wing figure Tommy Robinson.

Now, in response to the planned protest, Morrissey’s manager Peter Katsis has rubbished claims of an uprising and ridicules the event organiser, he said: “The Guardian Gets It Wrong Again! Let’s get real. ‘Former Morrissey fans’ have not organized anything. That ‘Has-Been Haslam’ character was never a Morrissey fan,” the post reads.

“We are in the business of creating music and performing music. We are actually not in the business of politics, or bullshit. We’ll leave that to Wannabees like Mr Haslam and the Editors of The Guardian.”