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Morrissey concert stopped by fan rushing the stage

Morrissey’s recent concert in San Diego came to a halt over the weekend as a fan rushed the stage in a desperate attempt to touch the singer in some way. Security duly tackled him and prevented anything more serious from happening.

As has happened for countless years, a group of fans at the Morrissey gig at San Diego tried everything they could to get one touch of the man, which included rushing the stage. The fans were somewhat more intent than others though and were quickly subdued by security. Morrissey then exited the stage. Although the singer did not return to complete the show his manager has released a statement playing down the incident.

Yesterday, Morrissey’s manager moved to thwart any stories of Morrissey being hurt in any way and released a statement on Facebook regarding the incident. He claimed that “nobody tried to punch” the singer but did suggest the fan in question was “certainly more aggressive in reaching out for him than most, so security had to do their job and subdue the fan.” His management claims that nobody was hurt or arrested.

Read the full statement below.