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(Credit: Phil King)

Morrissey announces new album of covers titled 'California Son'


Morrissey announced late last night via his website that he will be soon releasing a new album made up of entirely covers called California Son. The Manc crooner and all-round big mouth looks set to leave his mark on some classic tracks.

The announcement came via his website and revealed that he’s recorded versions of songs by artists such as Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and Roy Orbison for the new album.

With the recording apparently already in the bag but without a release date we’re probably safe to assume that Morrissey is trying to make his presence felt in 2019 as well. Expect ludicrous comments such as “HobNobs are awful” and “nobody dances anymore” etc.

Below is the full tracklisting for California Son

  1. Morning Starship (Jobriath)
  2. Don’t Interrupt The Sorrow (Joni Mitchell)
  3. Only A Pawn In Their Game (Bob Dylan)
  4. Suffer The Little Children (Buffy Sainte Marie)
  5. Days Of Decision (Phil Ochs)
  6. It’s Over (Roy Orbison)
  7. Wedding Bell Blues (Laura Nyro)
  8. Loneliness Remembers What Happiness Forgets (Dionne Warwick)
  9. Lady Willpower (Gary Puckett & the Union Gap)
  10. When You Close Your Eyes (Carly Simon)
  11. Lenny’s Tune (Tim Hardin)
  12. Some Say I Got Devil (Melanie)