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(Credit: JCS)


Morgan Freeman and Cole Hauser will star in new action-thriller ‘Muti’

Morgan Freeman is one of the most celebrated actors of his time who is showing no signs of slowing down, with multiple projects coming out this year, including Coming 2 America and Vanquish, among others. He has already been attached to a brand new production titled Muti which has been described as a gripping action-thriller.

Muti will tell the story of a detective (played by Cole Hauser) who sets out to find the killer of his daughter – a deranged serial killer with disturbing tendencies. Hauser will team up with Morgan, who is going to take on the part of Professor Mackles, a distinguished professor who has plenty of secrets of his own.

Producer Iervolino elaborated: “A high level of intelligence and sophistication underpins the tension and intensity of Muti. Having Morgan and Cole playing off one another keeps the dial up in unrelenting fashion throughout the twisting ride. We’re happy to make this a unique multinational collaboration, shooting in Mississippi and Italy.”

Based on a story by Joe Lemmon and Cinquemani, Muti will be directed by George Gallo, who is known for his work in popular films like Bad Boys and 29th Street, among others. He has previously collaborated with Freeman in the 2020 film The Comeback Trail, which also starred the likes of Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones and Zach Braff.

Freeman once said: It’s not like I wake up in the morning and say, ‘I got to be dignified today.’ If the characters seem dignified, it’s because they were written that way. I don’t want to go around talking about how I feel about honesty and all that stuff, but if you can find where the kernel of a character’s soul is, if you can somehow plumb that, then it’s easy to play. I think that sense of dignity has to do with the fact that there’s an inner life that’s readable more than anything else.”