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‘Monster Squad’ director Fred Dekker plotting return to film after 26-year hiatus


Fred Dekker, the American screenwriter and film director best known for his cult horror comedy film, The Monster Squad is planning a return to film after 26 years away.

Monster Squad, which was written alongside Shane Black, developed a cult following in the years after its making despite struggling upon initial release.

Dekker went on to make Night of the Creeps and story ideas for House (1986) and Ricochet (1991), and also directed and co-wrote RoboCop 3 with Frank Miller which flopped dramatically. Following the negative reviews, Dekker announced a prolonged hiatus from film.

Now, planning his return, Dekker co-wrote the 2018 film The Predator with his former filmmaking partner Black who also directed the film. Speaking in a new interview with Retro Injection, Dekker has explained that he is now “actively trying to find something that would put me back in the director’s chair – that’s really my priority right now.”

Not desperate to rush into a project, Dekker also explained that he is staying close to Black and that the duo are “developing a cable TV reboot of the 1960s British spy show, The Avengers.” 

Dekker also insisted that his return to film was a decision to look to the future and refused the possibility of remaking any of his previous efforts: “They tried with Monster Squad but admitted defeat, which made me very happy,” he said.

“As for Creeps, I’ve had people tell me Slither is a remake, but I like and respect James Gunn too much to call him on it (anyway, it feels more like a rip-off of The Fly!) The short answer to your question is, “No, thanks.”