Monotony return with sizzling Sauna Youth split 7"

The grizzly alter-egos of London punk rockers Sauna Youth aka Monotony have returned with a new track.

‘Luxury Flats’ is one and a half minutes of some of the most punchy and angular guitar music you will hear this year.

It’s an aggressive rise against the system, furthering the vibe we got on previous tunes like ‘Back to the Castle’, which suggested the Monotony project came about as a no holds barred, no strings attached kind of an outfit.

Sauna Youth and Monotony both contain the same members – including Lindsay Corstorphine of Cold Pumas and Primitive Parts – but a casual bit of instrument swapping last year ended up with the four-piece forming a whole new band.

‘Luxury Flats’ will be released by Upset the Rhythm on May 11th and will be a split 7″ single with ‘Transmitters’ – a Sauna Youth tune that took our Track of the Day slot back in December. Pre-order now!

Patrick Davies