Moksha Medicine - Egyption


“With four hundred milligrams of moksha-medicine in their bloodstreams, even beginners can catch a glimpse of the world as it looks to someone who has been liberated from his bondage to the ego.”

This is an excerpt from Island, the lysergic prince Aldous Huxley’s final novel in which, using ‘moksha medicine’ (magic mushrooms) as a fundamental tool, he created a society where fundamentalist religion and all powerful leaders ceased to exist, where no one could earn more than five times above anyone else’s wages and where the nuclear family and puritanism were replaced by vast extended families and liberated sexuality.

Hopefully you can see why a band, symbolically named in homage to Huxley’s mysticism, would immediately demand the attention of Far Out.

The Londoners, little over a year old, take our Track of the Day with ‘Egyptian’ a tune that effortlessly embodies all of the above. Don’t just stop there though, get your ears around the full MOKSHA EP as, like their name alludes, it’s a real experience.