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(Credit: Antony Crook)


Mogwai release soundtrack for new Apple TV+ series 'Black Bird'

Mogwai have recently released their work for a new Apply TV+ miniseries called Black Bird which has been developed by Dennis Lehane and is based on the book by James Keene and Hillel Levin.

A prison drama structured as a miniseries, Black Bird tells the story of a police officer’s son who finds himself in a tricky situation after being convicted for drug dealing. In order to get early parole, he has to do something extremely dangerous for the authorities – befriend an actual serial killer.

In a recent statement, Mogwai’s Stuart Braithwaite spoke about the miniseries and commented on the fantastic work done by the cast and crew: “Working on Black Bird was a real honour and a challenge. The story is incredibly intense and wonderfully performed. We’re excited about everyone getting to see it.”

Black Bird is also pretty noteworthy because it features Ray Liotta in his final television role before he tragically passed away. Lehane revealed that Liotta had contacted him to express his satisfaction, claiming that the actor was proud of this project: “He called me. He’d seen the episodes and he was over the moon…”

Adding, “You know, he was an actor, so he asked me a couple of times why the camera wasn’t on [him] in certain scenes. And he was just so happy.” Lehane also said that Liotta was against the title: “Oh, and he didn’t like the title change. He’s like ‘Why are you callin’ it Black Bird? What does that have to do with anything?'”

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