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(Credit: Model Child)


Model Child shares new song 'Pilot'


Los Angeles artist Danny Parker’s newest project is Model Child, an anarchic punk-adjacent band releasing pop songs smothered in distortion and electronic beats, occasionally slowing down for a brief acoustic number before inevitably jacking up the tempo once again.

Parker’s latest release with Model Child is ‘Pilot’, a frantic blast of energy that apparently has a strong anti-war and anti-imperialist message in the lyrics.

“In the chorus I shout, ‘Blood is raining gold across the room/Million dollar chains tied to your tomb.’ During war, the deaths of innocent people often puts money into the pockets of the powerful,” Parker says. “I struggle with this sad reality. I can’t wait for the day I get to go back on stage and scream this song with the crowd in solidarity, mourning the victims of so many unjust wars.”

That’s a pretty heavy message for a song as short and abstruse as ‘Pilot’. The first chords are the exact same beginning chords as those used by Jimi Hendrix on ‘The Wind Cries Mary’, except wound up to double speed and fed through a wood chipper. The way Parker pronounces pilot, in heavy brogue, made me certain that he was a Brit, but I guess copping British accents have been a thing for years now (looking at you, Brandon Flowers and Madonna).

The sense of excitement is certainly palpable, with a mix of silly and serious voices and sound effects bombarding your brain in the shortest possible amount of time before evaporating back into the ether.

“The voice in ‘Pilot’ comes from a bloodthirsty warmonger directing a fighter pilot on their mission to drop bombs,” Parker continues. “The music is hopped up on amphetamines with synths and hyperactive guitars darting and swooping in and out of the track. A mixture of electronic and organic drums blast the song forward.”

Check out the audio for ‘Pilot’ down, below.