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Moaning come storming out the blocks with 'Don't Go'

One of our favourite labels, Sub-Pop, have signed one hell of a band going by the name of Moaning (great name) and have proved their worth instantly with new track ‘Don’t Go’.

The song is a fist full of dirt smashed straight through your teeth. As gritty and as potent as falling in the dirt, ‘Don’t Go’ is a powerful first jab from the band.

The LA residents are showing a darker side to the sunshine state with this offering and will undoubtedly be peddling much of the same ferocious rock when their self-titled debut album drops next year.

But for now, take a deep breath, remember it’s Friday tomorrow, and listen to the pounding nature of their first single ‘Don’t Go’.

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Moaning Tracklisting

01 Don’t Go
02 Tired
03 Artificial
04 Close
05 Does This Work for You
06 The Same
07 For Now
08 Useless
09 Misheard
10 Somewhere in There