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(Credit: Ebru Yildiz)


Mitski adopts a no phones policy at her shows


We’ve all been there, stood behind someone, invariably a giant, who opts to watch a full concert through a handheld device so that they can have the shaky footage and blown out sound handy to watch never again. Well, Mitski has gladly put a stop to it. 

On the surface, it would seem that gigs are all about the performance on stage, but in reality, that proves to be an absolute fallacy. The atmosphere as a whole is what makes the stage performance conducive to enjoyment and too many distracting phones hoisted aloft can bring you out of the moment. 

Mitski feels the exact same way, and in a recent Twitter thread, she has also remarked that it even affects her performance. “I wanted to speak with you about phones at shows. They’re part of our reality, I have mine on me all the time, and I’m not against taking photos at shows (Though please no flash lol),” she demurringly began. 

Continuing: “But sometimes when I see people filming entire songs or whole sets, it makes me feel as though we are not here together. This goes for both when I’m on stage, and when I’m an audience member at shows.”

“I love shows for the feeling of connection, of sharing a dream, and remembering that we have a brief miraculous moment of being alive at the same time, before we part ways. I feel I’m part of something bigger,” she rightly added. 

In a philosophical gaze she added: “When I’m on stage and look to you but you are gazing into a screen, it makes me feel as though those of us on stage are being taken from and consumed as content, instead of getting to share a moment with you.”

Before concluding: “Ultimately it’s your night, and I want you to enjoy it as you like. I don’t want to be greedy, I’m fortunate to get to play! Just putting out there that sometimes, if we’re lucky, we can experience magic at a show. But only if we’re there to catch it.”

While Kate Bush banned phones entirely from her shows a handful of years ago, Mitski’s considered approach is something that the vast majority of gig-goers can certainly celebrate.