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(Credit: Ebru Yildiz)


Mitski drops new remix of 'Love Me More'

Mitski - 'Love Me More' (Clark Remix)

Just a few months after dropping her latest LP Laurel Hell, Mitski has returned to share a new remix of the single ‘Love Me More’, helmed by English electronica extraordinaire Chris Clark.

While the original track skitters along with with an open airiness that recalls some of the best music from synth-pop’s 1980s heyday, Clark’s remix ramps up the energy to create a new rave-adjacent version of the song. Manipulating vocal tones and adding frenetic drum machines behind her, Clark turns the yearning of the original into a dystopic nightmare.

“Clark’s music, specifically his album Death Peak, was what opened my eyes to contemporary electronic music,” says Mitski. “It showed me how emotive it could be. So when I was asked to do a remix, he was the first and only person that came to mind for the job.”

“Huge pleasure to be asked to do this, thank you,” Clark adds. “I love what Mitski does. I spent ages on the kick. Haven’t done that for a while, but it all comes flooding back.”

The new version of ‘Love Me More’ is more than a fresh coat of paint – it’s practically an entirely new song, with a different melody and a different style. Remixes can be a tricky business: change too little and the effort becomes pointless, change too much and you lose the essence of the original. Clark doesn’t seem worried about phasing fans of Mitski’s track and instead manipulates the arrangement until it only contains a few basic elements of the original recording.

That might not make it the most enjoyable listen, especially if you’re a fan of the plaintive and poppy original, but Clark definitely gets props for finding something completely new in the song. Mitski might be playing to the TikTok crowd on her recent string of supporting dates with Harry Styles, but this version of ‘Love Me More’ certainly seems to play to a less pop-centred crowd.

Check out the remix for ‘Love Me More’ down below.