Mitch Laddie - Here's A Drink


For those not aware of Mitch Laddie and his band of talented bluesmen then I recommend you acquaint yourselves, for the pioneering guitar virtuoso’s abundance of B.B king reminiscent tunes can’t fall under the wider radar for much longer, especially now we’re on the case! So it is with great pleasure that Far Out’s, aptly named, track of the day for Friday is Here’s A Drink by the North East’s answer to Eric Clapton.

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Now then, you might be thinking that’s an overstatement, Eric Clapton, surly not? Yet once you have given this lad a chance I’m almost certain a majority of listeners familiar with Blues music will agree, and if not then I hope we can all acknowledge that Laddie harbours some extreme guitar wizardry. Here’s A Drink is taken from Laddie’s debut album This Time Around, a record made all the more revolutionary considering it was released when the blues rocker was only 18 years old. Since, Laddie has managed to release another storming album, tour round Europe and collaborate with iconic bluesman Walter Trout, not bad for a man yet to reach 23.

Here’s a drink can draw vocal comparisons to Peter Green, fret work likened to Joe Bonamassa and that feeling after each note is caressed from the guitar that only the masters can muster but as the man alludes to:

“One of the problems of blues is that it’s seen by many as something played by old-timers with beards”.

We should just drop the comparisons and allow Mitch Laddie’s sound to flourish into new legend.

 Joshua Hevicon