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(Credit: Josh Jensen)


Minnie Driver joins new 'Romeo and Juliet' revision

20th Century has acquired the rights for the film adaptation of Rebecca Serle’s YA novel When You Were Mine, a modern contextualisation of William Shakespeare’s timeless classic Romeo and Juliet. It’s a coming-of-age story about a young girl who learns to live in the moment instead of planning every single detail of her life.

In an interview, the writer said: “I wasn’t a huge Romeo and Juliet fan. Don’t get me wrong—I was IN LOVE with Leonardo DiCaprio and everything that went along with that movie—but I don’t think I read the play until I was in college, maybe even after. When You Were Mine was born out of my own heartbreak. It was really a case of putting two and two together. I wanted to tell Rosaline’s story—and I knew what it felt like to be her.”

“I believe that life is a dialogue between fate and free will,” she added.
“Too many books for young women show love as destiny. You are fated to be with this person! He is the only one for you! Quick! Die on his behalf! I just don’t buy that. Choice is an incredibly powerful force. Choosing to be with someone is also extremely romantic. Not because of fate. Not because of destiny. But because you want to. Of your own free will and accord, this is the person you choose.”

Minnie Driver has been attached to the project, including the likes of Kaitlyn Dever who will star as Rosaline and Isabela Merced among others. The screenwriters of the beloved cult classic 500 Days of Summer – Scott Neustadter and Michael H. Weber have handled the screenplay adaptation which sounds like promising news. American filmmaker Karen Maine has already been approached by the studio to take up the director’s seat.

Watch an interview with the book’s author Rebecca Serle below.