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Mini Mansions Release 'Vertigo' (Ft. Alex Turner)


Mini Mansions, you know the band who once had Alex Turner turn up on stage? Yeh, them. Well they have released a new track called ‘Vertigo’ and it’s a slithering, dance-floor skimmer in a pastel suede suit. With the band currently supporting Royal Blood on tour this latest release is another taster of the forthcoming album, The Great Pretenders which is out 23rd March.

Featuring a guest performance from the aforementioned monkey on vocals, the song slowly builds with all the smoothness of a Salsa tutor with oil for sweat and grease for tears. The song glides across the floor with simplistic groove and menacing dancefloor basics aplenty. Hinting at the haunted night it never builds to a ghoulish or seedy classic but rather enthusiastically thrusts at you from across the room.

Bound to enthrall the legions of Mr Turner’s fans ( he does whisper in it – eeeek!) it has more of a place in the background music of a Scarface club scene than the Arctic’s arsenal (perhaps that’s why Alex has been personally fond of LA). But if your particular penchant is for 80’s pop then this will nevertheless still provide plenty of rhythm and nuance to keep you wanting more.

Smooth Salsa tutor it may be, but the kind of tutor you get in Benidorm with salsa dribbling down his vest.

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