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Ming City Rockers - Get Outta Your Head


Ming City Rockers are one of those teenage bands that can be incredibly easy to dislike, especially if you are a Vice reading, cultural cesspit labelling everything as ‘done’ and dead and buried before the rcord is out of the womb. We here at Far Out are not of such a deplorable disposition and we gladly welcome this snotty-nosed jaunt around the indie punk scene. Ming City Rockers and ‘Get Outta Your Head’ is our Track of the Day.

Championed by Palma Violets and peddled to every dodgy boozer this side of the horizon Ming City Rockers are the real-snarling-snorting-vomiting-deal. Sounding like Doherty without the pretence of poetic justice Ming City Rockers thunder through ‘Get Outta Your Head’ and I will give you three guesses for the reasoning behind that and the song.

The band steam like an angry hooligan on a winter’s night, drunken debauched and downright disgusting but wind the poor bastard up and watch him bring down the village fete. Ming City Rockers are here to tear shit up.


Jack Whatley