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Millie Small, the singer of ‘My Boy Lollipop’, has died aged 73


Millie Small, the Jamaican singer best known for her 1964 hit ‘My Boy Lollipop’, has died at the age 73.

Small, born in in Clarendon, Jamaica, died in England this week after suffering from a stroke.

Chris Blackwell, her manager and previous legal guardian, paid tribute to Small and described her as “really special”

Blackwell, who co-produced the Small’s biggest hit, paid tribute to the singer by saying: “I would say she’s the person who took ska international because it was her first hit record,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

“It became a hit pretty much everywhere in the world. I went with her around the world because each of the territories wanted her to turn up and do TV shows and such, and it was just incredible how she handled it.

He added: “She was such a sweet person, really a sweet person. Very funny, great sense of humour. She was really special.”

‘My Boy Lollipop’, recorded in 1964, remains one of the best selling ska songs of all time and, to this day, has sold in excess of seven million records.