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Millie Bobby Brown wants to play Halsey in a biopic

Millie Bobby Brown has gone on to build a diverse filmography at a relatively young age but she is still mostly known for her starring role in the popular Netflix series Stranger Things. The recently released series of the show has received critical acclaim and has managed to maintain its enormous fan base.

In an interview, Brown said: “We weren’t really that surprised because the Duffer Brothers always bring it more and more as each season goes. So, I don’t think we were that surprised. But watching it is a different thing than reading it. Because reading it, you’re like, okay, that sounds intense. And then watching it, you’re like, oh my.”

“It’s more of a visual thing for me rather than maybe reading it on paper,” Brown added while talking about the noteworthy cinematography. “I love that, some of those transitions and the music. In episode one, there’s this amazing transition of me and then Sadie. And I just love it. It’s a really cool shot that they do.”

For a while now, many fans on social media have been begging for a biopic about Halsey starring Brown as the iconic singer. During an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Halsey revealed that Brown would be the perfect choice: “Millie would be so great. It’s kind of uncanny how much we look alike. It’s like, ‘Oh no, we actually look like sisters.'”

Responding to Halsey’s comment, Brown recently took to social media to state that she was ready for such a biopic even though the singer thinks that the project is not viable. Brown is also set to star in an adaptation of the graphic novel The Electric State and will reprise her role as Enola Holmes in an upcoming sequel.

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