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(Credit: Press / Marc Shelley)


milk. and Search Party Animal pair up for new single, ‘2.’


milk., the stylistically minimalist and musically maximalist Irish indie-pop band, have teamed up with Search Party Animal on their latest single, ‘2.’

“’2.’ is a track built on companionship,” the band stated in its press release for the song. “It’s based around sounds developing, changing and becoming more complex. To us, it sounds like having a good time with our people and reminds us what our friendships mean.”

That’s a crushingly vague evaluation, and the lack of clarity in the vocals make deciphering any specific meaning damn near impossible. Really, the song is all about feel: loose, spacey, and funky. It’s not hard to feel the good time that band describes, with a little splash of techno beats and vocoder vocal effects luring you into the wash of synths that dominate the song.

“I often feel like songs are made by an initial spark of an idea that all other ideas can be pulled from,” Search Party Animal’s Adam Redmond says. “The instrumental in the track is based on that concept. When that one idea is constantly being elaborated on as the song progresses, I find it very intuitive and rewarding to work that way.”

Pounding one idea into the floor until you’ve wrought every last usable drop is a trip and true method of creating music: Chuck Berry took one guitar riff and played it in every single song, Swizz Beats has the ‘Swizz Beat’, and Giorgio Moroder became so synonymous with his specific brand of high energy dance music that he literally birthed a genre, HI-NRG, out of it. What I’m getting at is that a little repetition never hurt anyone.

milk. have indicated that ‘2.’ is the first tease of an upcoming EP to be released some time during the summer. There aren’t any tangibles like titles of release dates yet, but those will certainly come in the next few months/weeks.

Listen to ‘2.’ down below.