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(Credit: YouTube)


Watch Miley Cyrus cover The Beatles song 'Help!'

Miley Cyrus has performed a unique cover of The Beatles song ‘Help!’.

As part of the ‘Global Goal: Unite for Our Future’ charitable cause to benefit those affected by the coronavirus pandemic, Cyrus entered an empty Rose Bowl Stadium in Los Angeles for her effort.

The movement has been described as a “worldwide music and entertainment special celebrating the commitments made due to the actions we’ve taken, featuring an international lineup of artists, comedians and cultural figures, along with global leaders from both government and the world of science.”

Cyrus joins a number of different artists to join the cause with the likes of Shakira, Coldplay, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Justin Bieber and many more taking part. The Global Citizen foundation also formed the movement with a message which addressed world leaders: “Coronavirus affects all of us. With no respect for borders, the pandemic has shown just how interconnected our world is, and the need for us to be united in our response,” they write. “We are all in this together, but COVID-19 has especially affected the poorest and most vulnerable across our world.”

Our reaction must not reflect that same inequality. Please work together to urgently develop tests, treatments and vaccines against COVID-19, and ensure they’re available to everyone, everywhere — not just the privileged few.

“Let’s build back better for a more equal future. If we work together, we can emerge from this crisis stronger, more united, and safer. Unite for our future.”

For more information, visit Global Citizen’s website, here. For now, see Cyrus run through her rendition of a Beatles classic.