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Miles Teller thought he was "going to die" during 'Top Gun: Maverick' stunt

Top Gun: Maverick has been a surprise for many since very few people expected a Top Gun sequel after all these years. The new project, starring the likes of Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly and Miles Teller among other icons, has continued to garner a lot of attention from fans of the original as well as younger audiences.

Becoming one of the most successful films of 2022 so far, Top Gun: Maverick has impressed fans all over the world with its incredible action sequences and its treatment of the genre. Although the production was disrupted several times due to the pandemic as well as the complexity of the scenes, the wait has been worth it.

In a recent interview, Miles Teller opened up about the experience of starring in a film with such demanding action sequences and claimed that it is very gruelling. He said: “I think when there’s that much adrenaline and a healthy bit of fear, I was able to hold [vomit] down. I guess that’s a secret skill I have.”

“If anything, I think it made me really appreciate how nice it is not to have to, you know, go 500 knots an hour all the time,” Teller added, explaining just how difficult it was to shoot a particular scene in an actual F-18 Hornet jet which made him think that he was actually going to die. “I like a flight with very minimal G exposure.”

Talking about that scene, Teller revealed: “I definitely had a moment where I thought I was going to die.” The arduous production process has certainly paid off since Top Gun: Maverick managed to establish itself as one of the highest grossing films of the year by accumulating an incredible worldwide box office total of $548 million so far.

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