Miles Kane's first band, The Little Flames release 'lost album'

Miles Kane’s first band, The Little Flames release ‘lost album’

The Little Flames who, as the press release so proudly places in brackets next to their band name, are the first band of Miles Kane and thus band are set to release their ‘lost debut album’ as part of the re-launch.

For all you skeptics out there thinking that the reemergence of ‘The First Band of Miles Kane’ has anything to do with a conniving plan to ride the success wave of The Last Shadow Puppets, then you’re absolutely right.

“‘The First Band of Miles Kane’ split for various reasons before going on to form The Rascals and Miles Kane The Last Shadow Puppets with Alex Turner. The album was never released,” the presser reads.

Anyway, you make your own mind up, I guess:

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