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Miles Kane discusses punk influences on new solo record


Miles Kane has revealed the inspiration behind his new solo record.

The Last Shadow Puppets member, who last released a solo record in 2013 with ‘Don’t Forget Who You Are‘, has found himself inspired by punk and post-punk records.

In a new interview with Fred Perry, Kane said: “I’m listening to a lot of punk and post-punk, and I’ve been really obsessed with that first Damned album.

“There’s a song on there called ‘Neat Neat Neat’ that I’ve just been hammering. I’ve been listening to a lot of post punk; like the Cramps, the Misfits,” he added.

Further explaining if the aforementioned bands have had a direct impact on the forthcoming record, Kane added: “Yeah, it’s really like that. A bit Ramonesy, and I guess The Damned – that sort of aggressive post-punk, really high energy and a bit of Cramps have all been the inspiration.”