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Mike Myers suggests that a fourth ‘Austin Powers’ film is coming

Mike Myers starred as the most iconic character of his entire career when he played the role of Austin Powers, a walking parody of the iconic James Bond films as well as the corny archetypes usually associated with the spy films of the 1960s. According to Myers, there might just be a new Austin Powers film around the corner.

Many critics and fans have noted that the public love for the satirical vision of the Austin Powers films contributed to a decline in the popularity of James Bond productions during that time. Due to the existence of a figure such as Austin Powers, it was impossible to view someone like James Bond without thinking of the way that Bond’s shortcomings were attacked by the Austin Powers writers.

In an interview, Daniel Craig claimed that Mike Myers made James Bond take a different approach: “I am a huge Mike Myers fan, so don’t get me wrong – but he kind of fucked us; made it impossible to do the gags. What I am proudest of in Skyfall is the lightness of touch we’ve been able to bring back into it but not lose the drama and the action.”

While talking to Sirius XM‘s Jess Cagle, Myers spoke about the possibility of a fourth film without shedding any light on the details of such a project. However, his comments have made fans think about a new Austin Powers production which is why many have taken to social media to imagine what such a film would look like in today’s climate.

“I can neither confirm nor deny the existence or non-existence of such a project, should it exist or not exist,” Myers said, hinting that there might be a new film around the corner which carry the legacy of Austin Powers in a different direction. When asked to provide a confirmation about the project, Myers said it was a “a non-confirmed confirmation confirmation.”

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