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(Credit: A24)


‘Midsommar Director’s Cut’ edition unveiled with contribution from Martin Scorsese

It is the one-year anniversary of the initial release of Ari Arister’s psychological horror film, Midsommar, and A24 is celebrating it by releasing a Director’s Cut Collector’s Edition. The 171-minute runtime of the film on the Blu-ray is 33 minutes longer than the 2019 theatrical release.

Along with the extended version of the film, A24 is also planning to release a 62-page book of the ritual artwork that was featured in Midsommar. The introduction to the book is penned by acclaimed filmmaker Martin Scorsese.

Praising Ari Arister, he writes, “A couple of years ago, I watched a first film called ‘Hereditary.’ Right from the start, I was impressed. Here was a young filmmaker that obviously knew cinema. The formal control, the precision of the framing and the movement within the frame the pacing of the action, the sound — it was all there, immediately evident.”

Ragnar Persson, the artist who made the murals in Midsommar is also the artist of the illustrations in the book. Persson put in a lot of time and effort researching about the traditions and the style of the 90-year old festival so that the artwork would accurately represent its cultural heritage. A24 is selling the Blu-ray and book in a $45 package that comes enclosed in a cloth-bound, Hårga-yellow slipcase. Orders begin shipping July 20.