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(Credit: Michael Stipe)


Michael Stipe releases second solo single 'Drive to the Ocean'


Eight years after the split of R.E.M., Michael Stipe released his first ever solo material. Now, he’s starting 2020 with the second effort; ‘Drive to the Ocean’.

“I took a long break from music, and I wanted to jump back in. I love ‘Your Capricious Soul’— it’s my first solo work,” Stipe previously said of his solo material. “I want to add my voice to this exciting shift in consciousness. Extinction Rebellion gave me the incentive to push the release and not wait. 

“Our relationship to the environment has been a lifelong concern, and I now feel hopeful—optimistic, even. I believe we can bring the kind of change needed to improve our beautiful planet earth, our standing and our place on it.”

With his latest effort, which arrives on his 60th birthday, Stipe is working with the non-profit organisation Pathway to Paris, a movement established to help combat climate change with the use of the Paris Agreement.

“I am so happy to collaborate with Pathway To Paris for this year 2020,” Stipe said in a press release. “The work that they are doing is vital and foundational—it is essential for a future that we can and will claim as our own.”

Stream it, below.