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(Credit: Michael Stipe)


Michael Stipe calls Donald Trump a "sack of lies"


R.E.M. lead singer has offered his thoughts on Donald Trump, the current President of the United Staes, branding him a “sack of lies”.

Stipe, who was appearing on the Late Night With Seth Meyers show to discuss the launch of his new online installation with PlanYourVote, got drawn into a conversation about Trump to which he didn’t hold back: “He started as a failed Midtown real estate developer,” Stipe said, before adding: “Then became a successful reality TV star, which is where this happened, and now we get this bloviating puff adder sack of lies. What next?”

Stipe, who has never been shy to express his political leaning, is urging and helping people vote in the forthcoming election and, in his own words, “a 2020 artist initiative to promote and empower citizens to exercise their right to vote.”

When discussing with Meyers in more detail about his political stance, Stipe added: “When we were travelling outside the country…during the Reagan years…we’re [in Europe] to play a show,” he said, adding: “A completely unknown band, people were like, ‘what the fuck are you people thinking? What are you doing over there? And we had to, in a way, politicise and educate ourselves about who we are to the rest of the world and who were to ourselves.”

Later in the conversation, Stipe returned to the topic of music and, more specifically, how he has adapted to the first entry to the solo world: “I’m now composing,” he said. “It’s the first time I’ve written music. And I found it weirdly satisfying. I can’t say that it sounds very much like R.E.M., but I’m really happy with where it’s gone. And because of R.E.M. and because of all the fans across the years, I’m able to take all the money I’ve made for the first year of the release of every single that I’m putting out as a solo artist, and donate it or dedicate it to organizations and movements that I feel very strongly about.”