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(Credit: Gage Skidmore)


Michael Sheen named his favourite film of all time

Michael Sheen has established himself as a top talent through a variety of projects, ranging from involvement in popular franchises such as Twilight to the fantastic miniseries Good Omens. Having collaborated with talented filmmakers like Woody Allen and Ridley Scott among many others, Sheen has continued to work on some acclaimed productions.

Last year, Sheen made a public announcement that he was no longer going to be a for-profit actor. Explaining his massive decision, Sheen claimed that he did not want to have regrets about taking projects that he really did not want to take because of financial reasons. Instead, he is going to be donating most of his earnings to charity in the future.

In an interview, he was asked to name some of the films that had a huge impact on him. For Sheen, there was only one top pick and he was quick to point it out: “My favourite film of all time is A Matter of Life and Death, directed by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, starring David Niven. In the U.S. it was called Stairway to Heaven.”

Sheen added: “For me, it is beautifully shot. It is fantastically acted. It has a quality of strangeness that I always love in the best works of art. It is about two forms of reality, the real world that David Niven inhabits and this fantastical world of Heaven with angels and all that stuff. And you never get asked to choose which one is the real one or not.”

The films of Powell and Pressburger have impressed many iconic auteurs and actors over the years, including Martin Scorsese who has expressed his absolute love for their body of work on multiple occasions. While Scorsese has highlighted the importance of many of their films, A Matter of Life and Death holds a special place in his heart.

Scorsese described the masterpiece as a “beautiful fantasy” and claimed that the combination of Jack Cardiff’s cinematography and the artistic vision of Powell and Pressburger was simply sublime. Scorsese’s love for Powell and Pressburger’s output is unending, with his film foundation all set to host a virtual screening of the 1945 gem I Know Where I’m Going! by the visionaries.

Both Sheen and Scorsese are extremely passionate about their admiration of Powell and Pressburger. Sheen commented: “I think that — as with all of Powell and Pressburger’s films — it is incredibly progressive for its time and also very challenging, but in the form of being very accessible entertainment. And I love that.”

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