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Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread share 'Funny In Real Life'


Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread have shared their new track ‘Funny In Real Life’ to make your Sunday sing. A beautifully touching track taken from their new self-titled album Michael Nau & The Mighty Thread.

We’ve been massive fans of Michael Nau since we first discovered him last year. However admittedly late we were to the party we have championing his cause ever since.

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The new track is a slower and more sunset lead affair. Offering a both delicate and poignant look in to the real life challenges we face Nau manages to not only create a world to house these feelings in but give us the license to paint our own bedroom walls.

Speaking of the track Nau said “I like to think that one giant song shattered, and I’m just trying to scoop up and arrange the pieces into something that feels good. That’s how I wanna picture it today.”

Take a listen today.