Credit: Reservoir Dogs


Michael Madsen recreates iconic Reservoir Dogs scene with his family


We’ve all gone a little nuts during lockdown but yet we will never reach the level of psychosis Mr Blonde has tucked up his blood-spattered sleeve in Reservoir Dogs.

Michael Madsen plays the lunatic criminal in Tarantino’s first film and there’s one scene that everyone will remember.

Of course, we’re talking about Mr Blonde’s scene with a razor blade, a tied-up cop and, of course, Stealer’s Wheel’s landmark song ‘Stuck In The Middle With You’. Now, Michael Madsen has somewhat recreated the scene at his home with his family.

Now. we’re not saying that the actual act Mr Blonde goes ahead with is anything but horrendous, yet the role-play of the scene he does with his family is most certainly what you’d call cute.

The camera pans the Hollywood star’s home finding members of his family all missing their ear. The roll-call of bloodied ears continues until we see Madsen in his Reservoir Dogs suit (almost), performing his iconic dance.

Watch it go down below.