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Credit: Georges Biard


Michael Keaton talks about returning to Batman

Tim Burton’s famous 1989 interpretation of the Batman mythology is considered by many to be the first modern superhero film. Starring Michael Keaton in the titular role, Batman is a fascinating investigation of a complex hero whose sense of morality is devoid of the strict divisions between good and evil.

In many ways, Keaton’s Batman mirrored the sensibilities of the film’s antagonist Joker (played by Jack Nicholson). While reflecting on the production process and his experience working with Tim Burton and Jack Nicholson, Keaton commented: “It was an extremely difficult undertaking and Tim is a shy guy, especially back then, and there was so much pressure.  

“We were in England for a long time shooting at Pinewood and it was long, difficult nights in that dank, dark, cold place, and we never knew if it was really working.”

Adding, “There was no guarantee that any of this was going to play correctly when it was all said and done. There had never been a movie like it before. There was a lot of risk, too, with Jack looking the way he did and me stepping out in this new way. The pressure was on everybody. You could feel it.”

In a recent interview with Jake’s TakesKeaton revealed how it felt to reprise the iconic role in Andy Muschietti’s upcoming DC Flash film. Describing the experience as “shockingly normal,” Keaton spoke about how the project has invoked memories of Burton’s production: “You start to play the scenes and a lot of memories, a lot of interesting sense memories [come back].”

Watch the full interview with Michael Keaton below.