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Michael Fassbender picks his favourite comedy movie of all time

Michael Fassbender has appeared in several iconic projects over the course of a fascinating career, ranging from Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds to Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. In addition to these kinds of productions, Fassbender also ventured into the superhero genre by starring as Magneto in the X-Men films.

Born in Heidelberg, Fassbender was sure about becoming an actor since his teenage years. After dropping out of Drama Centre London, he did multiple odd jobs to survive before landing a role in Steven Spielberg’s critically acclaimed television series Band of Brothers where he featured as Burton ‘Pat’ Christenson.

Since then, Fassbender starred in multiple big projects and he has more of them on the horizon, including a martial arts comedy film where he will star alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as a sports comedy directed by Taika Waititi titled Next Goal Wins. Parallel to his acting career, Fassbender has also maintained an active presence in the world of auto racing.

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In an interview, Fassbender was asked to name some of his favourite comedies that had a huge impact on him. Since he is about to star in two very prominent comedy projects, it seems like the perfect time to explore Fassbender’s comedic preferences which include some interesting works by the likes of Chevy Chase.

While talking about his top picks, Fassbender claimed that his all-time favourite comedy film was actually the 1985 neo-noir comedy thriller by Michael Ritchie called Fletch. Chevy Chase stars as a reporter who is hired by a millionaire to kill the millionaire himself but things take a turn for the worse when Chase starts investigating.

“I have to say my all-time favourite is Fletch,” Fassbender gushed while describing the brilliance of Chase in this bizarre comedy. “I’ve gotta start out with Fletch. It’s a classic one-liner comedy, brilliantly delivered by Chevy Chase. I mean, there’s drugs, scandal and Chevy! What else could you want in a comedy?”

Fassbender also cited a Todd Phillips film among his favourites in the comedy genre. Although Phillips did direct popular comedy films such as the Hangover series, the film that entertained Fassbender the most was his 2003 work Old School which revolves around three depressed middle-aged men who try to recapture their lost youth by hanging out on a college campus.

Adding, “More recently, I also like Old School. That’s a good one. I knew it was good about five minutes in, but then it just keeps getting better. I like it when Will Ferrell gets the tranquilliser dart in his neck. Oh my God, that is so funny. I rewound it so many times when I first saw that, I was literally crying I was laughing so hard.”

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