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Michael Eavis on Jeremy Corbyn's Glastonbury appearance: 'It's bloody brilliant!'


Glastonbury festival founder Michael Eavis is overjoyed with the announcement that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn will appear during the event.

Corbyn, who will take to the iconic Pyramid Stage on the Saturday afternoon to introduce Run The Jewels, has been given the full backing of Eavis who couldn’t hold back his excitement during an interview with The Guardian. 

“I’ll be leading him on – I’ll get a cheer as well!” Eavis said.

“I’m so looking forward to it. He really is the hero of the hour, and he’s so refreshing. We’re going to make some major changes in our society. There’ll be a way of financing it somehow, there has to be – this is the future of the country, and young people are so into it. It’s bloody brilliant!

“The Tories have ignored them, and the Labour party as well – the Blairites. It’s all changed now.”

Eavis’ daughter, Emily, who is now instrumental to the organisation of the annual event which expects crowds in excess of 175,00, echoed the words of her father in support of Corbyn: “When you think about the number of young people who voted, that gives me enormous hope,” she said. “And I love the way Corbyn has stuck to his message.”