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Michael Bay remembers Bruce Willis' NASA break-in attempt


Following last week’s announcement by Bruce Willis’ family that the actor was set to retire from the profession after he was recently diagnosed with aphasia, many stars have been sharing their glowing experiences with him from the past. 

While director Michael Bay was promoting his most recent film Ambulance with Variety, he discussed what it was like working with Willis on the classic 1998 disaster flick, Armageddon

Speaking in a general sense, Bay eulogised his leading man by describing him as an actor with a lot of screen presence. “Bruce is a movie star,” he said. “He can command the screen and he’s very funny too.”

His wry onscreen style also extended off-camera. As Bay humorously recalled the moment when Willis went a bit John McClane in real life and attempted to sneak inside a space shuttle at NASA where they were filming. 

Known for his antics on set, the comic tale that Bay explains in the video below is one that typifies his upbeat approach to acting. Just as the message from his family testified: “Bruce always says, ‘Live it up’ and together we plan to do just that.”

You can check out Bay explaining the laughable real-life NASA heist below. 

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