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(Credit: Aureilien Guichard)


MGMT share new experimental song ‘As You Move Through The World’


MGMT have shared their latest new song ‘As You Move Through The World’.

The song, arriving as an experimental electronic number, offers a seven-minute journey through a trippy and psychedelic instrumental.

The new material has been released early due to the current coronavirus pandemic which has forced the band to cancel their upcoming tour dates in Mexico and Texas.

When releasing the track, MGMT took to social media to say: “Hey all you COVIDS— oops, we mean KIDS, since we’re still bummed that we won’t be seeing any of you on tour for the time being, we thought we’d go ahead and release our new track, ‘As You Move Through The World’, a little early.”

“Everyone knows we all need a 7 and a half minute downtempo ambient instrumental track to listen to while we’re NOT moving through the world.”

They added: “For those of you who pre-ordered ITA vinyl, you’ll get a digital download of the new track, and we’re still on track to ship out your vinyl by the end of March, barring any further apocalyptic scenarios. By popular demand, we’re also re-opening sales for the limited edition ITA vinyl and t-shirt.”

Stream the song, below.